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Who wants sex with their partner to land on their to-do list? The reality is, most of us are busy with jobs and kids and life, and after speaking with a top divorce lawyer who says couples who schedule sex remain ahead of the game and are less likely to get divorced, we decided to ask some experts exactly how people do that and still keep it sexy. Buy milk, vacuum, sex.

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If life is getting in the way of regular sexy time, scheduling it might be key. I just stopped wanting sex. Scientists and researchers can easily chock this up to a host of physiological changes that occur when we bond.

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At first, it felt weird to see it. No, it was more than that. It felt unnatural.

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Having two toddlers makes it nearly impossible for me to feel "in the mood" on a regular basis. To quote Jonathan from the show, I'm generally "strug to func" — that's struggling to function — past 9 p. But I know my bedroom should feel more "where the magic happens" and less "where the laundry gets folded. Designating a set time for sex may sound like yet another thing to add to your to-do list, but doing it more does seem to be one surefire way to improve how you feel about your relationship.

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For a couple of something parents with two little kids, I'd say my husband and I have a pretty good sex life. As in, we still have sex, and sometimes it's even good! Of course, it's nothing like at the beginning of our relationship when we were all over each other all the time and unable to keep our hands to ourselves yes, even in public.

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Skip navigation! Story from Relationship Advice. Some people might think that scheduling sex is, well, un-sexy.

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Then that tomorrow-sex rarely comes, pun fully intended. As a certified sex coach and sexologist, I often hear about how difficult it is to make time for intimacy while leading hectic lives. This is exactly what it sounds like: sitting down with your partner and marking sex dates into your calendar.

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We seem much more eager to lean on near opposite phrases. Being spontaneous means you get to live in the moment. Sometimes, you have kids and a job and a to-do list that takes up an entire journal.

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If your busy lives or different body clocks are interfering with your sexual intimacy, you can make "sex appointments," or schedule sex, with your spouse. Planning your encounter ahead of time does not diminish the quality or romance of sex; sure, it isn't necessarily spontaneous, but there is nothing wrong with that. It is a myth that all sex must happen by chance.

It sounds like an activity on a whiteboard in the home of a sad couple whose love life has all but dissipated, going through the motions because the thrill is lost. Still, no one would blame you for dreading the idea. If you have a long distance relationship, you already schedule sex. If you have two busy jobs on different schedules, you schedule sex.


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