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It was not the most distinguished of areas for the glory of battle or for tales of amazing exploits. The accommodations were modest--a few GP Medium tents surrounded by slightly overhead height sand berms, a couple mobile guard towers, and a couple Strykers. No Hescos.

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Everyone has to hit the head bathroom at least a few times a day. If you don't, you should probably consult with a doctor ASAP. But for troops in the field, using the restroom might not always be as easy as just visiting the nearest toilet.

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Day This lasted thirty-one seconds. Then I crawled back on my sweaty, plastic-covered mattress.

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Team Fortress 2 streams on Twitch. If you have constructive feedback, concerns, or need help, we would love to hear from you! I always thought he said "piss off piss" referring to the person as 'piss' and telling him to piss off. Hello macncheesebydawindowyour submission has been removed for the following reason s :.

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With bloggers recently feeling the touchy sides of the Dutch and Singaporeansthere seems to be a minor web trend informing expats on how not to behave like cultural cretins. As a nation cut off from the planet until two decades ago, Latvians may seem even more baffling than the average species of foreigner. No, to get on the good side of Latvians you need subtler foot or other appendage work.

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Punk has always been about the real — real voices, real problems, real lives, real people behind the stories. The real is not always comfortable. It is raw, incomprehensible, and it is scary in its wild power.

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Footage showing American soldiers urinating on dead Afghan bodies has sparked outrage across the world - with Afghanistan's leaders labelling it as a 'recruitment tool for the Taliban'. The 'disgusting' and 'highly reprehensible' second clip shows four men in combat gear standing over the three corpses with their genitals exposed as they relieve themselves. The men can be heard joking 'Have a great day, buddy', ' Golden like a shower' and 'Yeahhhh!

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S arah DeWeerdt's recent article tells of how "Gerardine Botte, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Ohio University … has developed a technology to generate hydrogen fuel from urine". Urine has, in fact, had an impressive range of practical uses for much of history. A key area was medicine.

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People are understandably upset after video emerged of what appears to be U. Marines urinating on Afghan corpses. If they're surprised, however, they need to pick up a history book.

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The YPG had become one of the most effective bulwarks against ISIS, so much so that the Pentagon had offered support, and Western volunteers, many of them military veterans, had started enlisting. After several months of wondering whether he was truly prepared to kill for his political beliefs, and several more figuring out how to actually join a Kurdish militia, Belden told his girlfriend that he was going to Syria to do humanitarian work and got on a plane. When I first talked to Belden, in November, he had been in Syria for two months and was looking forward to his first shower in weeks.


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