Anal lymphatic drainage

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The ano-inguinal lymphatic drainage AILD is located in the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the proximal medial thigh. Furthermore, we defined several anatomical subvolumes of interest inside the AILD. We examined and compared absolute and relative dosimetric parameters of the AILD and different anatomical subunits.

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Paulo 57 2 PURPOSE: Preservation of the anal sphincter in surgery for cancer of the distal rectum in an attempt to avoid colostomy has been a main concern of colorectal surgeons. Various proposed procedures contradict oncological principles, especially with respect to pelvic lymphadenectomy.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content. Hence, we hypothesized that lymphatic drainage of low-rectal malignancies may be inhomogeneous and that an extramesorectal route may be involved in at least some cases. The idea of our preliminary study was to analyze the potential lymphatic drainages in low-rectal cancer patients.

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At the level of the middle of the sacrum, the sigmoid colon loses its mesentery and gradually becomes the rectum, which, at the upper limit of the pelvic diaphragm, ends in the anal canal fig. The rectum, about 15 cm long, widens below as the ampulla, which is very distensible. Although variable in shape, the rectum follows the sacrococcygeal curve.

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The anal canal is the terminal part of the gastrointestinal tract. Anatomically, the anal canal is referred to as the terminal alimentary tract between the dentate line and anal verge. However, histologically it extends more proximally and includes the columns of Morgagni and anal sinuses.

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The anal canal is located within the anal triangle of the perineum between the right and left ischioanal fossae. It is the final segment of the gastrointestinal tract, around 4cm in length. The canal begins as a continuation of the rectumand passes inferoposteriorly to terminate at the anus.

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Impact factor 3. International Journal of Biological Sciences. International Journal of Medical Sciences.

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The final segment of the rectum, the ampullarelaxes to accumulate and temporarily store faeces until defecation occurs. It is continuous with the anal canal; which passes through the pelvic floor to end as the anus. In the superior third of the rectum, the anterior surface and lateral sides are covered by peritoneum.

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The anal canal is the terminal part of the large intestine. In humans it is approximately 2. It lies in the anal triangle of perineum in between the right and left ischioanal fossa.


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