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Our school nurse, Mrs. Alleau, was a rather loud woman with short hair and thick glasses. It was to her office that I would run to every time my period pains had me crouched over in agony—a fact that I found highly embarrassing and was scared to death of boys finding out.

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Sex influences on emotional memory have received increasing interest over the past decade. However, only a subset of this previous work explored the influence of sex on memory for central information gist and peripheral detail in emotional versus neutral contexts. Here we examined the influence of sex and menstrual cycle phase at encoding on memory for either an emotional or neutral story, specifically with respect to the retention of gist and peripheral detail.

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Women use such apps for a range of purposes, from tracking their period cycles to maximizing their chances of conceiving a child. They are also available on the App Store. When a user puts personal information into an app, that information may also be sent by the SDK to Facebook.

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Right after a period, women have better spatial awareness. Three weeks after, verbal skills peak. It turns out the monthly cycle does change the brain — but not in the ways you think. From the medical magicians of ancient Egypt to the bearded philosophers of Classical Greece, men have pondered this condition for millennia.

We asked readers to share stories about their first periods on our Facebook page. Here are some of the responses, from women who hid their period-stained underwear to those who watched that confusing video in elementary school:. It was Halloween in the eighth grade, and I had turned 13 a few days before.

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The site's javascripts are blocked. This disables some functionality on the site. When she is ensnared in the web of the Archmage Zoraster Arias, Danica gets far more than she bargained for.

If you can't think of anything worse than having sex on your period, you're certainly not alone. Intimina - a Swedish feminine intimate care company - has estimated that women will "lose six years of great sex" over the course of their lives as a result of menstruation. Because let's face it - regardless of whether you love it or hate it, period sex can be pretty messy all round.

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But once he saw the period blood, it for some reason turned him on and we had the best lubricated sex ever! Afterward, we realized we forgot to put a towel down and it left a giant bloodstain on my bed. We changed the sheets and the bed seemed as good as new. Months later, my boyfriend and my parents were helping me move out of my apartment, and when it came to moving my mattress, I completely forgot the bloodstain had seeped down to my crappy mattress.

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This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual situations. I was never into getting my "red wings" until I met my college girlfriend. She was—college guy's dream—into very kinky things I had never considered.

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. If sex drives followed the perfectly-laid plan of your menstrual cyclethen you'd feel your sexiest around 10 to 13 days after your period ends, because that's when you'd be ovulating. And, from an evolutionary standpoint at least, sex is all about making babies.


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