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Sign in. Watch now. The Titans meet and befriend an insecure girl named Terra who has tremendous power.

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Terra Tara Markov is a villain and enemy to the Teen Titans. She made her debut in the episode " Terra-ized " which she serves as the true main antagonist. Six months later, she escaped and swore revenge on the Titans, but was once again thwarted by Raven.

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I'm going to say what is quite possibly an unpopular opinion in the Teen Titans fandom: Terra was the best Teen Titan. The controversial character cycled from hero to villain to antihero to anti-villain over the course of her character arc, and there are still fans who aren't sure if she should be considered a Teen Titan at all. Terra made it clear in her final episode, "Things Change," that the superhero life was just not for someone like her, but that doesn't mean that she wasn't one of the greatest members of the team.

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Initially, only four seasons were planned, but the popularity of the series led to Cartoon Network ordering a fifth season. The final half-hour episode of the show, "Things Change", aired on January 16, ; it was later followed by a TV movie, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyothat premiered on September 15,serving as the series finale. Teen Titans became one of Cartoon Network's most beloved and critically acclaimed series, renowned for its character development and serious themes.

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Some claim that Beast Boy is secretly homosexual or bisexual. Of course, we are limited by the medium of the show. It is a cartoon intended for young audiences, so naturally sexual scenes will not be shown.

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Let's get this out of the way, shall we? I don't own Teen Titans. Nobody does, so why do I bother?

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Teen Titans. Terra escapes from her "rock".

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Terra originally Tara is the name used by three fictional characters published by DC Comics. The character was created with an intended finite life span. I wanted her to be cute but not beautiful.

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Back to list of episodes. It serves as season finale and the final episode of the series with the movie, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo serving as the series finale. Beast Boy strangely sees Terra in her human form again.

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Terra was a former member of the Teen Titanswhose role as a hero or villain is complicated. Until the episodes " Aftershock - Part 1 " and " Part 2 ", she was confused and insecure, only wishing to be a heroine and a friend of the Teen Titans. However, she was led astray by Sladewho tempted her by promising her that he could teach her to control her powers, in return for her unwavering loyalty and devoted apprenticeship.


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