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A Chinese married couple—who were desperately trying to conceive—learned they had been having sex the wrong way for four years. The young pair, whose identities have been kept anonymous, went to see obstetrician Liu Hongmei after the woman failed to get pregnant despite having sex on a regular basis, reported the Guiyang Evening News. During their appointment, the woman admitted that sex was "usually painful," which prompted Liu to perform a gynecological examination.

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The woman had a rare condition which resulted in her bladder, vagina and rectum not separating normally during early developmental stages. A woman has become pregnant from anal sex in case which is believed to be one of the first recorded of its kind. While it would appear to be a medical impossibility, a US doctor has spoken of his surprise at discovering it had occurred to one of his patients.

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News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. This causes urine and faeces to drain into a common channel which opens in the perineum — where the anus is normally located — according to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Normally this is rectified by surgery to create three separate channels, as well as an anus and a vagina.

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Anal sex spices things up between the sheets and has no risk of pregnancy. Short answer: there's this one kind of confirmed case of a woman getting pregnant from anal sex. But you definitely don't have to worry about it. It's about one woman who was born with a condition called cloaca pictured abovewhich means her urethra, rectum and vagina didn't fully separate into different tubes when she was developing in her mother's womb so they all end at the same hole.

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By MailOnline Reporter. A married couple who failed to conceive were told they had been having anal sex for four years after a doctor realised the wife was a virgin. The unnamed husband and wife, aged 26 and 24, sought out obstetrician Liu Hongmei earlier this year when a team of medics visited their village in Bijie city in China 's south-western Guizhou province.

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According to a study published in Archives of Sexual Behaviorpeople in the United States seem to be having more anal sex today than they did in the past. In addition, the researchers learned that many women find anal sex enjoyable, while others find it painful or unpleasant and only agree to it due to some other factor. Common factors include feeling pressured by a sexual partner and wanting to avoid pregnancy, among others.

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I had sex with my girlfriend in her ass, and sperm out in her ass, so is there any chance of pregnancy. Please inform urgently. It is far too early for me to be deciphering your erotic poetry, Scared, but I am willing to venture a guess that you are asking what the chances of pregnancy are when one engages in anal sex. It's true that little else in this world causes people to spontaneously burst into free verse quite like knockin' on heaven's back door.

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Not being able to get pregnant from anal intercourse can be added to the list of common myths about sex after a doctor revealed his patient conceived from non-vaginal contact with her partner. The condition means the rectum, vagina and urethra fail to separate very early in pregnancy and intestinal, urinal and reproductive functions are all connected from one channel. As is standard treatment for cloaca cases, the patient had surgery when she was younger to correct the problem — but it went wrong and left her womb connected to her rectum.

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Clue is on a mission to help you understand your body, periods, ovulation, and so much more. Start tracking today. There are lots of myths and misconceptions about how pregnancy happens.


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