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Trigger Random Notes 45 Comments. Well you might be surprised to find out that this is more than just an opinion. Something else that we have been saying here at Saving Country music for years is that people can enjoy good, creative, complex, and thought-provoking music better than they can most pop music—that the experience of listening to music with a more artistic focus can be more fulfilling, more enjoyable, and longer lasting than the short-term sugar rush of a catchy, but fleetingly-potent simplistic beat set to inane, repeating lyrics.

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Upon closer inspection, some of these genres seem fairly ridiculous. Each genre has its own favoured instruments that operate in particular scales or modes, a certain style of vocals or lack thereofand a definite rhythmical pattern behind the beats. An experienced music lover will be able to tell the difference in genres simply by listening to a song, but, from time to time, a new permutation will always surface, eschewing convention.

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Dan goes on to elaborate that thanks to the likes of Macklemore, Miley, Kanye, Bruno, Adele and Beyonce, we are awash in great singles. Mitchell also did much more than write about her lovers- her swooping soprano, her open tunings, her poetic imagery, her explorations of jazz place her in the top pantheon of singer-songwriters. Dan Hill further what is this guy on?

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Rihanna's dress was on display, which is sort of like putting Joe Namath's jersey on display at the Baseball Hall of Fame. It doesn't really belong. Older generations think the music from their era is better than the latest crap on the radio.

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Hey everyone! I also love editing, so comment and like! My PFP is set at a rate of 1fps, which is safe for those prone to seizures, or are photosensitive.

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Below is a column I wrote on the topic nearly 10 years ago. All of which is why I hailed the Big Bang spawned by Napster as the ultimate case of poetic justice. After all, if the vast majority of artists never see the first dime from record sales and songwriting royalties, downloading a song for free was no worse than stealing from the thieves who robbed the artists, right?

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In preparation for this article I listened to the new Selena Gomez album and to my astonishment, I only slit my wrists three times. Music you are allowed to hear has so much money behind it, it MUST succeed to turn a profit. We are being held captive by crappy music.

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Somebody once asked me, "Dave, what would it take to get you to go to a Broadway musical? Which is odd, but not uncommon, even among actors. I mean, I love theatre, naturally.

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New music and I broke up March 2, I just wasn't feeling it anymore and thought it best we went our separate ways. And it could be the feeling was mutual, because that's the very day I started to confront my musical mortality, to face the death of my own personal cool. Or was that Youth Weekend at Vampire Lagoon?


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