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In Hinduism, carnal pleasure, called Kama in Sanskrit, is one of the four major duties assigned to human beings. Other three are dharma righteous actionsartha wealth and mokshya liberation. Hindu theologies do not accept sex outside the context of marriage and adultery is abhorred.

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T he British Hindu homosexual community will welcome the news that their brethren in India are now be able to enjoy the same freedoms as they do in the UK. It is indeed good news that people are not discriminated against because of God's laws of nature. The ancient Hindu scriptures describe the homosexual condition to be a biological one, and although the scripture gives guidance to parents on how to avoid procreating a homosexual child, it does not condemn the child as unnatural.

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Amit Shah, a choreographer and founder of a dance company recently married Aditya Madiraju who works for a risk management company. And while their wedding pics are stunning as most are, the images of their special day has gone viral. Because the couple, originally from India and now living in New Jersey, U.

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Hindu texts have not shied away from addressing homosexuality and gender variance, and some scholars would even point out that same-sex love and sexuality are celebrated. Add to this, a portion of the Kama Sutra is dedicated to the fulfillment of sexual desires and encompasses the full range of human sexuality. She explains that in Hindu literature, attitudes toward homosexuality range from mild disapproval to celebration, and everything in between. Hijras identify as neither male nor female, and many of them, genetically born as males, undergo ritual castrations.

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Dating to 6, BCE, the Vedas constitute the oldest scripture in the world. In Hindu belief, deities can take many forms, but all combine in the universal spirit of Brahman. Unlike Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which focus on the actions of a single lifetime, Hindu belief centers on a continuous process of birth and rebirth that ultimately releases the true self from the limitations of body and the ego — a freeing of the spirit called moksha.

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Examining lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues within the Hindu faith. Changing times: Two women are married in a Hindu wedding ceremony. This dialogue has forced individuals, organizations and governments to question their values and beliefs.

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Hindu views of homosexuality and, in general, LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues, are diverse and different Hindu groups have distinct views. Although some Hindu dharmic texts contain injunctions against homosexuality, a number of Hindu mythic stories have portrayed homosexual experience as natural and joyful, [1] and there are several Hindu temples which have carvings that depict both men and women engaging in homosexual acts. Inthe Hindu Council of the United Kingdom issued a statement that "Hinduism does not condemn homosexuality," subsequent to the decision of the Delhi High Court to legalise homosexuality in India.

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Bhattar, R. The Vermont Connection. Burlington, VT.

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Homosexuality is unacceptable to some Hindus. Hinduism teaches that the 'natural' thing to do is for men and women to marry and have children. Those who go against this natural relationship are violating their own dharma.

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For centuries, Hindu literature, mythology, and religious texts have featured deities that defied the gender binary. The notion of gender as a spectrum may feel to some a modern revelation, but Hindu literature and mythology for centuries has taught of the figures who defied the binary. And while the reproductive connection between man and woman has always been revered in the faith, Hinduism, unlike most Western faiths, historically treats homosexuality as a natural behavior, one documented in folk tale and religious text alike.


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