Lesbian marriage proposal

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As we phase out the garter tossface-concealing veils, and the dollar dance, one tradition remains as strong as ever: men are the ones to pop the question. The stereotype endures that women want marriage more than anything, while men avoid getting tied down, are emotionally unavailable, and are un-hampered by the biological clock that drives women to madness. This storyline is pervasive.

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I am a proposal planner, and every day, I help men all around the world propose to their girlfriends. When I started this business, I always knew I would be open to helping anyone propose, no matter what their sexual orientation. What I didn't know and what my heart wasn't prepared for was that gay couples had much different concerns when creating their marriage proposal than straight couples did.

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As a lady who dates other ladies, one of the most common and surprising relationship questions I'm asked is "Who proposes? That's precisely what makes it all so much fun! We asked queer couples to share their own proposal stories to see how they each made this age-old tradition their own.

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When a guy and a girl are dating, most of the time, the guy buys an engagement ring or some other token of his affection and pops the question to his girlfriend. When it's two girls or two guys who are in love, the proposal roles aren't as straightforward. After talking to several same-sex couples, here's what I found out:. You two get to decide who proposes.

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American groom Brett knew he wanted to marry his Irish love, Ray, and as soon as it became legal, he began planning his proposal - in Ireland. Brett starts with a call from the concierge when he was back in the room: "I was afraid the call was too loud and Ray could hear everything, as there was sensitive information being discussed. It has a fireplace, it has-" I cut him off, as Ray kept staring, wondering what we were talking about, "That sounds great.

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Meanwhile, my girlfriend is really excited that this happened in her homeland of Ottawa. She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Follow her on twitter and instagram.

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Are you thinking of popping the question to your lover or partner? Getting married is a big deal. Make your proposal something she'll remember and have a great story to tell her family and friends.

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Remember those? Admittedly and this is not the last time you'll hear this I am not a romantic. My wife is.

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Helena population 4, Here are 23 same-sex marriage proposal videos to remind us how beautiful and resilient queer love was in This adorable young couple kicked off the right way, with a surprise proposal at the strike of midnight and so many happy tears.

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Since June 26,every couple has the right to be married in any state they choose! This historical day of love has already made a lot of couples incredibly happy, and the proposal stories have been amazing. For inspiration, check out some of our favorite stories below, and feel free to look around our other proposal categories for any more specific inspiration. Happy planning!


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