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This page provides definitions of Surrogate Partner Therapy SPT and outlines the main ethical and legal complexities, as well as standard-of-care questions with regard to psychologists, MFTs, counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals who may consider referring psychotherapy clients to Surrogate Partner Therapy. The page does not offer legal or ethical advice; it only maps the complex and heatedly debated issues surrounding this controversial topic. Helen Hunt plays the role of the sensitive, intelligent, trained sexual surrogate and John Hawks plays the role of the physically disabled, talented, educated poet.

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Illustration by Eleanor Doughty. Larry was completely naked and blindfolded next to a piano when the younger woman he was with had a breakthrough. She was 35 years old but gave off the nervous pent-up sexual energy of a wallflower at prom, and with good reason: She had never kissed a man, let alone seen one nude in her Long Beach home.

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Sometimes, I wish I could see celibacy as my calling. I could bask in the love that he gives me every day, I could luxuriate in all the ways that he likes to spoil me, I could soak up his affection, and I would be satisfied. My husband wishes that he was different, too. He wishes that he could manufacture desire out of love.

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Currently, sex surrogates work with both men and women. In surrogate partner therapy, the sex surrogate takes a client through a multi-step process, beginning with very basic tools of communication and touch. Surrogate partner therapy can include mutual nudity and two-way touch, as well as manual, oral sex or sexual intercourse.

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Sex surrogates work closely with sex therapists to help clients overcome sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction or sex trauma through actual physical intimacy — that means sex — with people who are suffering in their sex lives. But, when you are paying money to have sexyou have to make sure a sexual therapist is involved for it to be considered legal. Sexual surrogacy has been legal sincealthough it has remained pretty much unregulated.

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For most couples, getting ready for work means a rushed breakfast, a swig of coffee and a quick peck on the cheek goodbye. For Sarah Moore and boyfriend Geoff Daniels, it involves preparing themselves to sleep with someone else's husband or wife. They are trained sexual surrogate partners and work to help men, women and couples overcome problems in the bedroom.

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Sex surrogatessometimes referred to as surrogate partnersare practitioners trained in addressing issues of intimacy and sexuality. A surrogate partner works in collaboration with a therapist to meet the goals of their client. This triadic model is used to dually support the client: the client engages in experiential exercises and builds a relationship with their surrogate partner while processing and integrating their experiences with their therapist or clinician. The modality in which surrogate partners work is called Surrogate Partner Therapy.

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THIS woman is a different kind of sex worker. She has sex with strangers, but often with men who have never touched a woman before. A sex surrogate has revealed what her job is really like.

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By Jane Ridley. Crippled by shyness, the something professional can barely look Fern Arden in the face as he talks about still being a virgin at such an advanced age. Arden is the founder of an exclusive private clinic off Central Park West that provides a very specialized type of treatment for psychosexual problems like this one. It tells the real-life story of a sex substitute from California who takes on a profoundly disabled man needing to experience sex before he dies.


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