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Nine brand new, original songs to teach your little ones about the amazing animals in the Amazon rainforest! Time for action! Featuring 14 well-loved songs that incorporate simple movements — perfect for pre-schoolers.

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The songs are accessed by clicking on a letter on the top nav-bar, A for songs beginning A etc. Nearly all are from English speaking parts of the world, although there are a few foreign language items. Although there is no sheet music or midis, some of these songs are variations of those found on our songs-midis pages or guitar and mandolin tab pages so check those out first for suitable music.

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Hey, jammers. Click on a title, and it will transport you magically to the song. Wake up on a lifetime, hold up your own head Ooh, ooh, ooh Well, you may get a pardon and then you might drop dead Ooh, ooh, ooh.

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It usually takes a while — a decade or two — before we can look back at a particular era of American life and see it as something coherent, something whose every aspect is marked by one overarching mood. It takes a certain amount of hindsight to notice how all the wildly different reactions people had to the moment were still, in the end, reactions to the same thing; all the different poses they adopted were still being struck against the same backdrop. But this era — this year, and the last one, and one or two before that — might be an exception.

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Everything from its guitar riffs to its travelogue lyrics would be borrowed by everyone from the Beach Boys to John Mellencamp. Appropriately enough, it was recorded on July 4, The Guess Who were just a crew of innocent boys from Canada who found themselves shocked by the ladies they met in the United States.

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Welcome to the Elvis Presley song database containg the words to each of Elvis Presleys songs, the original release date, recording session information, and format. And the best CDs to obtain the recording on today. Where Do You Come From?

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Songs that start with Special Character. Songs that start with A. Songs that start with B.

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Fun and Prophets by Jamie Soles is chock full of songs of the prophets, filled with beauty, laments, threats and wonders. Please note: the media player below will time out after several minutes. If you like a song, you can buy it by clicking the cart icon in the player, or the Add to cart link next to the song information further down the page.

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Sign in. Watch now. After crooked nightclub owner Chips Maguire murders a police informant, he blackmails his piano player to allow him to stay at his eccentric mother's boarding house.

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Through the hillbilly music of the s, the honky-tonk of the Forties and Fifties, the Bakersfield movement of the Sixties, bluegrass, Western swing, outlaw and contemporary pop, country songs still continue to break our hearts. So grab a few tissues and check out our list of the 40 saddest country songs ever written. But when the latter left the studio, however, Cline made sure that it wouldn't reach anyone else. According to Howard's wife Jan, Cline hated the song and refused to record it.


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