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Remember the days before pregnancy and motherhood when you would shop for the perfect pair of shoes with great determination, spending many hours searching and comparing for the right color, heel height, etc.? Who would have thought you would put the same amount of effort into choosing a breast pump?! When it comes to making milk, every drop is precious gold, so it is essential to find the right pump for your nursing needs.

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Pregnant women are likely to notice some milk leaking from the breasts towards the conclusion of their pregnancy often referred to as colostrum or the first milk. It can vary from being yellowish to clear and is quite thick in appearance. Some pregnant women may be inclined to store this milk during pregnancy so that it can be provided to their neonatal baby if immediately needed particularly if the woman has diabetes.

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Mothers start to produce colostrum early milk while pregnant. Learning to express colostrum during pregnancy is a useful skill for all mothers. There are also benefits to saving expressed colostrum if your baby is likely to need special care after birth.

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Anita Moorhead does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Late in their pregnancies, some women notice colostrum early milk leaking from their nipples. Some hospitals are advising women to collect this milk in the last weeks of pregnancy, ready to give to their newborn baby, if needed.

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From the moment you conceive, your body starts making an amazing new feeding system as well as an amazing new human. Learn how your breasts change along with your growing bump as they get ready to feed your baby. Plus get advice from experts and moms to support you with breastfeeding right from the beginning.

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Pregnant women who have reached or are past their expected due date may use different methods of inducing labor, such as eating spicy foods, walking, acupuncture, exercising, or drinking certain beverages or teas. Nipple stimulation is also a proven option with evidence-based research behind it that you may want to discuss with your doctor. When attempting to spur labor, many women try to stimulate their nipples manually or by using a breast pump to induce labor.

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Whether you're heading back to work or heading out for an evening, most new mamas eventually need a break from breastfeeding. Enter the breast pump. This handy tool not only allows you to fill a bottle with your precious milk, but it can also help maintain your milk supply, relieve engorgement and create a backup stash for your freezer. Pumping might seem daunting at first tubes and flanges and suction, oh my!

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You can express colostrum before birth and save it for baby. This can get you used to pumping or hand expressing before baby gets here, and give you a stash of colostrum just in case. Colostrum is the first food your baby will eat.

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Download this article as a pdf. Please do not print multiple copies of this leaflet as we are a small charity and leaflet sales support our work. This technique involves expressing colostrum in the final few weeks of pregnancy.


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