Vaginal cosmetic surgery

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The term "vaginal rejuvenation" covers several different cosmetic procedures for female genitalia, such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. The term vaginal rejuvenation covers several different procedures. It is sometimes called female genital plastic surgery, female genital rejuvenation surgery, female genital cosmetic surgery, vulvovaginal plastic surgery and designer vagina surgery, among other terms.

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Labiaplasty also known as labioplastylabia minora reductionand labial reduction is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia minora inner labia and the labia majora outer labiathe folds of skin surrounding the human vulva. There are two main categories of women seeking cosmetic genital surgery: those with congenital conditions such as intersexand those with no underlying condition who experience physical discomfort or wish to alter the appearance of their genitals because they believe they do not fall within a normal range. The size, colour, and shape of labia vary significantly, and may change as a result of childbirth, aging, and other events.

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Before I had children, my sex life was wonderful. After the birth of my first daughter, who was on the bigger side over eight pounds and delivered vaginally, I noticed that sex was a little different, which I assumed was normal. Flash forward to two kids later, and I literally couldn't feel anything when my husband and I would have sex.

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Variations in the natural female form used to be accepted, even celebrated. In recent years, though, it seems that these variations are not seen as assets, but as problems to be taken care of by plastic surgeons. Breast augmentation, liposuction and eyelid surgery were the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures, but there has recently been heightened demand for new surgical trends.

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The main purposes of labial or vaginal reconstructive surgery labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are to restore the normal function or appearance of the vagina or the normal size or appearance of the labia. Women can experience problems after childbirthresulting in birth trauma to the vagina or labia, or the normal ageing process could have left them feeling embarrassed with how their vagina looks and feels. Concerns about the look and feel of your vagina are common, particularly following the ageing process or after childbirth, where the vagina has experienced some trauma.

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The number of women seeking genital cosmetic surgery GCS is increasing. We look at the different procedures available and what women should know before choosing GCS. By Kirsten Braun.

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There's not a lot of research out there about the safety of cosmetic vaginal procedures, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists goes so far as to warn that they're never advisable. This doesn't deter the thousands of women each year who undergo them, especially labiaplasty, which reduces the size of the inner or outer vaginal lips. In fact, it's one of the fast-growing cosmetic surgeries in the U.

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Back to Cosmetic procedures. A labiaplasty is surgery to reduce the size of the labia minora — the flaps of skin either side of the vaginal opening. It's natural and normal for a woman to have noticeable skin folds around her vaginal opening and, in most cases, this shouldn't cause any problems.

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Among these procedures, vaginal rejuvenation is considered as one of the most controversial genital cosmetic surgical interventions and involves a range of surgical procedures performed by gynecologists or plastic surgeons to decrease the average diameter of the vagina, mainly for sexual reasons. In this narrative review, vaginal rejuvenation outcomes are examined in order to clarify the current scenario of the different vaginal rejuvenation techniques, as well as their effectiveness and associated complications. Psychological and ethical issues linked to these procedures are also addressed. In general, vaginal rejuvenation is often proposed to women who feel a sensation of wide vagina due to vaginal delivery or aging, in order to enhance the vaginal tone and thus sexual friction.


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