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Someone was to exited they missed the like button Fenty and dior spray were definitely the best When you put the milk foundation just on your face it looked amazing, but then it was rlly weird on your body! Nice job! I still believe that Dumbo will one day suffocate from all the feathers stuck in his lungs.

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At the end you can very clearly see that you switched the heads and LIED about which color was which How is that professional? Your technique is MESSY, you act like anything but a professional and honestly, if you're willing to sit there and lie to your viewers with something as simple as color who's to say you aren't lying about being a "professional hair stylist" because your work sure as shit does not show it Everything you do is sloppy and mediocre at best Yeah you just completely lost all of my respect for you The two faced is the perfect one!!!! Ly James!

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We are too young!??? Sorry Dumbo, looks like The Lion King has already kicked your ass in views in only two days! Still looks cute AF though!

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