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Modern parents worry about the increased usage of electronic devices by their kids. And responsible parents do want to limit the time their sons and daughters are spending on playing games, browsing social networks and watching YouTube. Using Screen Time parents can limit the usage of iOS devices, set up content limitations, disallow particular apps, games, and block websites.

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A large-scale breach revealed. It has happened again. Some million emails and passwords have been stolen from a family of adult websites geared toward hooking up and peeping porn.

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As internet users become more aware about cyber threatsthe perpetrators of cyber crimes find new ways to get what they want. Instead of stealing your money, an attacker may convince you to unwillingly give it to them. This new extortion technique works by hackers using the passwords of victims to lure them into giving out money.

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There's a new scam going around that would terrify most people if it ever landed in their inbox. The emails are slightly different depending on who's being attacked, but they all have a few similar features:. Business Insider. Ian Kara New York-based product manager who was sent the scammy email, said that after he received this threat, he spent an entire day changing all his passwords and buying 1Password, a password manager.

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Unsecured login information for a chat feature on YouPorn, one of the most popular pornography sites on the Internet, has revealed the email addresses and passwords for some of its users, the Associated Press reports. While the AP could not confirm the number of accounts that had been compromised, Anders Nilsson of the security solutions company EuroSecure, wrote on his blog that login information for more than one million accounts was made public on Tuesday. Kate Miller, a spokesperson for Manwin Holding SARL, YouPorn's parent company, emphasized in an email to The Huffington Post that YouPorn was not hacked, but that its third-party chat service "failed to take the appropriate precautions in securing its user data" and has since been taken offline pending an investigation.

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Disclaimer: Wifi Password Breaker is a simulated app for free, it cannot crack any wifi password. The simulation of password cracking is just for fun. Wifi Password Hacker Prank simulates the process of hacking any wireless network with your phone.

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Internet Entertainment. Shocked, you open it to find a startling claim: someone has installed malware on your computer, and they have video of you in a compromising situation. Most people would be a bit nervous at the sight of such an email.

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Data breaches happen daily, in too many places at once to keep count. But what constitutes a huge breach versus a small one? CSO compiled a list of 18 of the biggest or most significant breaches of the 21 st century. This list is based not necessarily on the number of records compromised, but on how much risk or damage the breach caused for companies, insurers and users or account holders.

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A massive data breach targeting adult dating and entertainment company Friend Finder Network has exposed more than million accounts. The hack includes million accounts from AdultFriendFinder. These were the biggest hacks, leaks and data breaches of

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