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Protein is always the hero of our main dishes and cooked several times a week. Although little changes in the recipe here and there can really level up your cooking game for your family. Mothers Day this year, as we read this article is just around the corner.

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For one, the number of Chinese children under 7 will reach a whopping million. Not only is the industry growing, but the target consumer is dramatically changing as well. The majority of new millennial Chinese moms are part of the posts and post 90s generations and have lifestyles and ways of thinking very different from those of previous ones.

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For all of us regular, non-blogging girls out there, the world of fashion blogging never fails to be glamorous. The women on this list manage to be gorgeous, hip, and chic while still being moms that we can look up to. Morning snuggles with this fever baby.

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These Mums have been handpicked by Little Steps as Top Mom Bloggers offering regional insight into parenting and playing with kids from Australia to Thailand and beyond. Meet them, read them, and welcome them to our ever-expanding community of go-to parents. Like most moms, I have had several former lives, but the most notable i. Music, music, music and motherhood with a little Gwenyth Paltrow thrown in — she sings, she acts, she fist-bumps Glee kids.

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By Amber Kanallakan. As the white mom of a child of color, I was confused and offended. Rather than sit and stew, I decided to investigate and ask questions.

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It would have been worth seeing regardless of what race the main character was, but had I not heard about the Asian American hero, we might have missed this film in the theater… and missed out on the fun. I did a quick survey of the blogosphere and found that a couple prominent bloggers had been contacted by Disney PR, but they are folks who are on the mailing list for all Disney publicity, and there was no specific marketing targeted at Asian American parenting sites. After all, Asians are the fastest growing racial group in the United States and spend more time online than any other demographic.

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There are 4 million mom bloggers in North America alone, but you know what? Most of them are failing. And you're probably one of them.

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One of the greatest things I have learned as a parent since homeschooling this past year is that I waited until the big stuff happened before I gave the little stuff any attention. Our homeschool year was one where I intentionally focused on the little stuff, to be more proactive rather than reactive. What do

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Have you ever seen the High Expectations Asian Father meme? Or remember author Amy Chua back in the early s, when her controversial book about tiger mothers blew up around the world? Chua's idea that Chinese mothers were superior to Western mothers drew international attention.

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By Mackenzie Dawson. There are 4. Some of them make as much as they would at a traditional job outside the home. This is the world that Josi Denisea year-old pregnant mother of three, inhabited until May


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