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Senate Matt Rosendale. I said it the other day. High -- I mean, honestly, she's somewhere in the mids, I believe that.

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Elizabeth Warren is enjoying a renaissance after a painful campaign rollout, engineering her turnaround with litany of policy plans, a nonstop campaign schedule, and a populist message. Trump aides and their allies at the Republican National Committee, who initially believed their money and manpower were better focused elsewhere, are digging up opposition research, deploying camera-wielding trackers, and preparing to brand Warren as a liberal extremist. The reassessment of Warren, confirmed in conversations with more than a half-dozen Trump advisers, reflects the volatility of the massive Democratic primary and how the reelection campaign is reacting to it.

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During the election, conservatives had an ongoing battle with mainstream pollsters, who consistently showed Democrat Barack Obama winning and Republican Mitt Romney losing. Before discussing this issue, I need to explain something technical about the nature of polling, especially political polling. Everyone knows that a national poll contains a sample of only a small fraction of the population.

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He fired three of them. He kept one of them. He just makes up numbers.

Frank Ian Luntz born February 23, is an American political consultant, [1] pollsterand "public opinion guru" [2] best known for developing talking points and other messaging for Republican causes. His work has included assistance with messaging for Newt Gingrich 's Contract with Americaand public relations support for pro-Israel policies in the Israeli—Palestinian conflict. He advocated use of vocabulary crafted to produce a desired effect; including use of the term death tax instead of estate taxand climate change instead of global warming.

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President Donald Trump's re-election campaign fired three of its five pollsters after leaked internal polling showed the president lagging behind Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden in several critical battleground states, multiple news outlets reported. The move comes after the existence of a state survey, which spelled bad news for Trump, was reported by multiple news outlets last week. The campaign's decision to cut ties with its own pollsters — Michael Baselice, Adam Geller and Brett Lloyd — is meant to prevent further leaks of internal survey data, the New York Times reported Sunday. Fabrizio and another pollster, John McLaughlin, will remain with the campaign, according to the news outlet.

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CNN: Rep. He made no mention of that though in his speech. In his speech he talked about red flag laws, toughening mental health laws, taking on violent video games and social media, developing tools to detect mass shooters before they strike and making sure the death penalty is in place for murder if someone's convicted of murder as a hare crime. No mention of the immigration reform tie or anything like that.


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