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By Claire Gagne Feb 26, Photo: iStockphoto. Emily Mazo-Rizzi, an American who has lived in Paris for nearly 20 years, happily took advantage of this government-funded rehabilitation when her first baby was born in

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Six real women share their postpartum leaking stories, and an Ob-Gyn gives tips for managing incontinence. Almost any woman has probably had a moment at some time in her life when she laughed too hard, or perhaps drank a little too much alcohol and really, really had to go to the bathroom. But as pregnant women know, that baby pressing against your bladder makes you have to go to the bathroom often, and it's quite common to have leaking or incontinence issues after your baby is born as well.

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So this is a big fancy word that basically means that you involuntarily pee you pants when you run or do any high intensity activities. I started to do some research and again, this is actually a real issue! I was so shocked.

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Have we always been this open, though? Hell no. Will my friends make fun of me?

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Having urine leak while you are coughing is a medical condition known as stress urinary incontinence SUI. SUI occurs when urine leaks out of the bladder due to an increase in abdominal pressure. Any time that pressure increases to the point where it becomes more than the pressure needed to keep urine inside your bladder, a leak can occur.

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This well-known expression derives from the difficulty many women and men have controlling their bladder as they age. Any involuntary urine loss, no matter how small an amount, can be referred to as urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, incontinence is no laughing matter for over half a million Canadian seniors 1.

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I just pulled a hamstring when I jumped and crossed my legs during a sneezing fit, but I still feel good about it - sore muscle and all - be Log In Sign Up. Get yer little white boots on.

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If you leak a little when you cough, sneeze, laugh, dance, or exercise, welcome to the world of Stress Urinary Incontinence. Before I had my daughter I remember a friend telling me that after having kids it was impossible to jump on a trampoline without peeing her pants. Fast forward to the first time I sneezed while I was pregnant and peed my pants.

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ServicesWomenCare. It may be an embarrassing subject to discuss with your doctor. The good news is there are treatments available that can help the condition.

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