Penetration rocket thrust

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The present invention relates to vehicles for penetrating surface barriers and particularly to vehicles that penetrate surface barriers with the aid of a propelling thrust. To achieve tactical and strategic goals during military, para-military or police actions and conflicts, the destruction, or at least impairment, of targets encased within surface barriers i. Since such surface barriers typically take the form of underground concrete walls or layers of soil, sand or rock, successful elimination of hardened targets often proves problematic.

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The present invention relates to a thrust termination device of a solid rocket motor, which terminates the net thrust by the reverse thrust of the rocket motor produced from the emission of the combustion gas through the opened thrust termination port in the reverse direction, when the stage separation signal is transferred at the normal thrust state of the rocket motor, in particular, to a thrust termination device for a rocket motor, which can contrive to accomplish the structural safety and the mechanical sealing performance at the combustion chamber condition of the high temperature and high pressure, and easily remove the thrust termination device even at the low pressure state and open the trust termination ports successively with very small impacts when the thrust termination is commanded. In general, the solid rocket motor comprises a combustion chamber for combusting solid propellant, and a nozzle for the exit of exhaust gases which makes acceleration of rocket in the opposite direction to the gases flow direction. And the thrust, which is the product of acceleration and mass of rocket, have same direction of acceleration of rocket motor.

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Based on our long-standing experience in the field of processing and manufacturing these materials, we can provide comprehensive know-how where new developments are concerned. Our facilities and equipment for the manufacturing and characterization of propellants and propellant systems are continuously being extended with cutting-edge devices and methods. Current research topics include solid rocket propellants, gel propellants, gun propellant systems ranging from classic propellant powders based on nitrocellulose through to foamed propellants, investigations into aging, stability and compatibility, and the search for REACH-compatible substitute materials.

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The S-8 is a family of unguided rockets of Soviet origin. The S-8 was developed in the 's as a response to the poor performance of the S-5 during Soviet use in Afghanistan. The S-8 is much more powerful and accurate while still small enough to allow the launch aircraft to carry a sizeable quantity.

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The ruggedness, simplicity, low cost, and effectiveness of the RPG-7 has made it the most widely used anti-armor weapon in the world. Currently around 40 countries use the weapon, and it is manufactured in several variants by nine countries. It is popular with irregular and guerrilla forces.

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The present invention was designed to accomplish several new and unique methods of accomplishing on command the increased thrust of a solid propellant rocket through variations of the Well-known precepts. In the past, many advancements and improvements have been made in technologies involving solid propellant grain, mechanical properties, explosives, miniaturizations of components, as well as changes in military requirements and the present invention has been designed to meet such changes as they may appear in the future by an increase of thrust on command. It is also conceivable that the present invention may be utilized to increase the mass discharge rate of a gas generator or may also be used to decrease the burning time of a solid propellant gram.

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Today, that work is taking place at numerous sites around the country, but the work of that nationwide team is firmly focused on one place — the launch pad. Hundreds of companies across every state have been a part of SLS and the Orion crew spacecraft, many of them small businesses providing specialized components or services. Some of the pieces have a relatively direct route to the launch pad. The smaller OSA has the option of barge or truck, and after arriving in Florida, will make a stop at a facility where 13 CubeSats will be installed before continuing on to the VAB.

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Description: For example, in one embodiment the internal part 2 b and the external part 2 a are continuously directly connected with one another, or continuously integral with one another as one piece, whereby the engine thrust frame penetrates through a tank wall of the tank 3, which must be suitably connected and sealed in a pressure tight manner at the penetration junction. In that regard, the extension 2 c enables a better introduction of the actuator adjustment forces and of the engine forces. Namely, the propellant management devices 5 reinforce the internal frame part 2 b in the critical load introduction area at the bottom of the tank.

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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves. A variable-thrust solid-propellant rocket engine SPRE with local combustion boosting by a catalytic grating heat knife was designed and the basic principles of operation were substantiated. A judicious heat-knife design was chosen, which ensured acceptable steady-state and dynamic characteristics of the SPRE.


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