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In fact, you are incredibly unlikely to catch anything through skin-toilet contact. So, please, please stop hovering and peeing all over the seat already! Save the seat-hovering for spin class.

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If you have ever fantasised about having hot steamy sex in the shower but took one look at the size of your HDB toilet and felt that there is no way you and your partner can get frisky inside without the risk of something breaking or someone getting hurt, fret no more. You can still have a good time as long as you keep things safe and try positions that are suitable for small spaces. Shower sex is a great way to keep your sex-life exciting.

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By Amanda MacMillan March 01, Pin ellipsis More. You can't trust everything you read on the Internet, so we got the facts behind these top sexual health misconceptions.

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There are a wide variety of different options for which you may benefit from using a bidet seat. If you are thinking about buying an attachable bidet toilet seat, then consider that you can use it for more than just going to the bathroom. For example, you can use your attachable bidet toilet seat to help you feel cleaner before and after sexual relations with a partner.

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Stockholm AFP - Swedish health care authorities are warning young travellers this summer against sexually transmitted diseases STDs by posting cheeky messages on airport toilet seats, a project leader said on Tuesday. Starting June 15, travellers using the loos at airports in central and southern Sweden, including Skavsta airport outside Stockholm, will be greeted with a message on the toilet seat that reads: "You won't catch chlamydia here. You'll catch it after the beach party on Rhodes.

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I live in school dorms and the toilets are really filthy. I have been getting infections--feeling itchy and having sores outside of my vagina, not inside. Could the toilets have anything to do with this?

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Feature image via Shutterstock. I myself have managed to seriously date at least two women who are vehement non-public-toilet-seat-sitters. But do you know what I do not respect?

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Everyone has thought about having sex in public at some point. The danger of getting caught and the sexual exhibitionism involved can be very enticing. Here are some tips on how to have great sex in public places.

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Can one catch syphilis, or other sexually-transmitted infections STIs from a toilet seat? Rose Tumusiime was told she could get syphilis — by someone who had apparently got syphilis, an STI, from a toilet — and so after using a filthy toilet at a work party, she rushed home to scrub down. So, we ask, can one catch syphilis and other STIs from a toilet seat that has been used by an infected person?

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T here are lots of creatures on Earth that can survive in the unique environment of a toilet: microbes that dwell in the toilets aboard the International Space Station, for instance, or the occasional snake that mistakenly finds its way into a septic system. But of all the things that can wander onto toilet seats and beyond, crabs are not among the chosen few for several very good reasons. Crabs, or pubic lice, are tiny organisms uniquely equipped to infest coarse human hairs, mostly around the genitals. Also called Pthirus Pubis, pubic lice are only of the three types of lice that can infect humans, each of which prefer different types of hair.


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