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Skip navigation! Story from Spirit. Having the rare ghost encounter in a creepy hotel or at a historic landmark makes for a great story and can be a thrilling even fun experience.

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Succubus is also known as demon female lover who approaches males in their dreams to have sex. This is the phenomenon which is rarely described in psychiatric literature. It is more identified as a cultural belief in different religions.

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It uses a classic structure to form the narrative — in a remote, isolated setting a tale is told to an audience of one, who in turn recounts the tale to us — and with each revelation the sense of trepidation increases. The story opens with a shout down to a signalman working near a tunnel entrance, whose response to the initial cry of "Halloa! It's obvious that he is terrified of any approach by strangers, but why? He quickly recovers his senses and recounts how two separate disasters have taken place recently, both of which have been precipitated by warnings from a ghostly presence.

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This is the story of how believing in ghosts left me vulnerable to the attacks of a demon, how I eventually brought the demon to my house, and how I got rid of him. I grew up in the church and still believe in God. I may not be in full practice of my faith, but I have had my own life experiences proving His presence in my life.

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Illustration by Lia Kantrowitz. One night, when I was 13 years old, I prepared myself to have sex for the first time. The crescent moon hung in my window, carving black shadows across my chest.

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Spectrophilia — sexual intercourse between living human beings and ghosts — is a phenomenon with a history that dates back centuries. In modern day, though, barely anyone talks about ghost sex. It's pretty much just Kesha and Paranormal 2 actress Natasha Blasick.

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Admit it: you have wondered about people who have sex with ghosts ever since you saw that movie Ghost or, at the very least, that episode of Charmed where Alyssa Milano fell in love with a ghost. In honor of Halloween, you're about to finally get some answers, from the most believable and trustworthy people in the world— celebrities! Because people, we are living in the golden era of the celebrity ghost sex story. Though commoners have been reporting ghostly sexual encounters a phenomenon known as "spectrophilia" since at least the 13th century — a time when Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas believed that demons lived in our world and frequently seduced humans — the past 15 or so years have seen a boom in celebrity ghost sex stories of unprecedented proportions.

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I heard this when I was in Korea. One day a girl was walking home late night after work or something. It was dark and around midnight.

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If you're reading this, you're probably either really into ghost stories, can't sleep — or you're a bit concerned that you've just seen an actual ghost. Whatever your reason for landing on this page, we've rounded up the scariest and most troubling real-life ghost stories that are well-known in the world at the moment. WARNING: Some of these are pretty darn terrifying, and if you're easily scared, we recommend leaving this page and watching a nice relaxing episode of Friends. Reddit users were left unnerved when a young man named Nathan revealed that he was receiving Facebook messages from his girlfriend, Emily in


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