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There's a reason guys prefer fading away to facing reality. Jake enlightens us—and makes things easier. In every relationship there is a moment when you must decide whether it's serious or not.

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Even if they are caught, everyone knows you were jailed for rape, and the news of it never happening will never reach as large of an audience as the news of it supposedly happening. You lose your chances for almost all jobs and your respect from everyone. So, I just feel intimidated by asking a girl out, and even more intimidated by seeing her parents.

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Most of us want the same things- having a great life, enjoying freedom and flexibility in your days, and truly being fulfilled by what you do. In reality, however, very few of us actually do. Most of us will spend our time here going through the motions of a well-balanced life and die with too many regrets to count.

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What more excuse do you need? Watching pornography can be a great way to bone up on technique. But remember: nobody is expecting a perfect porno reenactment. These guys are professionals whose gag reflex only kicks in when they have food poisoning.

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As the writer Caitlin Moran recently observed, we frequently discuss the downsides of being a woman but not the difficulties men face. We asked male readers to tell us the downsides of being a man in Often we hide in the bathroom, not to go on our phones but to take a minute and let our guard down.

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As I write, two dozen of my friends rave aboard the hull of a in the middle of Black Rock Desert happy birthday, Peter Hirshberg! Black Rock Desert, August, The 'art car' from Burning Man as an invitation for Peter Hirshberg's birthday party aboard the art car, Burning Man

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Cloud suck is a phenomenon commonly known in paraglidinghang glidingand sailplane flying where pilots experience significant lift due to a thermal under the base of cumulus clouds, especially towering cumulus and cumulonimbus. The vertical extent of a cumulus cloud is a good indicator of the strength of lift beneath it, and the potential for cloud suck. Cloud suck is typically associated with an increase in thermal updraft velocity near cloud base. As a parcel of air lifted in a thermal rises, it also cools, and water vapour will eventually condense to form a cloud if the parcel rises above the lifted condensation level.

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Apparently it sucks to be a black gay guy. At least that is what "Stevie" over at gayguys. I am over articles like this one, which measures our worth as gay men by white men's standards.

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Guys I date get annoyed. Those numbers hold up 50 years later. History stretches far beyond Kinsey, though.


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