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This is of common occurrence in women. The clinical presentation can be from asymptomatic to cyclical changes. Enlargement of axillary accessory breast tissue is during pregnancy and lactation.

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The development of the supernumerary breast polymastia or hypermastia and its modality constitutes an interesting chapter in clinical observation. The subject is of clinical interest because of the differential diagnosis of supernumerary breasts and lipomas and other benign tumors and because of the discomfort caused by the swelling of aberrant breast tissue during pregnancy and childbirth. It is also important to establish that there is no evidence that carcinoma develops more frequently in these formations than in normal breasts.

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Fibroadenoma in axillary supernumerary breast: case report. Nevertheless, reports of fibroadenoma in supernumerary breast tissue in the axillae are rare. The patient reported cosmetic problems and local pain and discomfort.

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Fibroadenoma in the axillary accessory breast. A year-old female noted a mass in her right axilla for 6 years. The mass was painless, slowly growing, causing discomfort, had cyclical changes in consistency and was of cosmetic concern to the patient.

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While many men and women have strong opinions about the size of breasts, most would agree the number of their breasts — two— is fine. Sometimes referred to as accessory breasts, polymastia is the presence of supernumerary extra breasts on the human body. The extra breast tissue can appear in many forms, everything from a third nipple the most common condition, referred to as polythelia to a fully-formed — and fully-functional breast — in some unusual location on the body.

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What causes this? Extra breast tissue is a common developmental variation in human anatomy. Breast development begins around week four of gestation, with two parallel lines of glandular tissue called the milk line or mammary ridge extending from slightly beyond the underarm area, down the chest and abdomen, to the groin area and ending near the groin at the inner sides of the thighs see figure.

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Accessory breastsalso known as polymastiasupernumerary breastsor mammae erraticaeis the condition of having an additional breast. Extra breasts may appear with or without nipples or areolae. It is a condition and a form of atavism which is most prevalent in male humans, and often goes untreated as it is mostly harmless.

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Correspondence Address : Dr. Accessory breast and the diseases affecting these aberrant breast tissues are relatively uncommon, and with variable prevalence among different populations. These are commonly located in the axilla, chest wall, and vulva.

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Dr Archana Dambal "Journal of clinical and diagnostic research is a welcome change in publishing practices. It aims to reach out to the grass-root level researchers who do not lack in experience, clinical material and ideas, but lack in their knowledge in English language and statistics. The journal achieves it's aim by supporting in these exact domains.

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Ectopic or accessory breast tissue is most commonly located in the axilla, though it may be present anywhere along the milk line. Development is hormone dependent, similar to normal breast tissue. These lesions do not warrant any intervention unless they produce discomfort, thus their identification and distinction from other breast pathologies, both benign and malignant, is essential.


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