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Breastfeeding is a massive part of the post-birth experience for a woman, however, it is focused on a lot less than the birth itself, and is often also neglected when discussing the nurturing of the baby thereafter. It is incredibly difficult for a number of women, and many different types of questions arise, we decided to ask two Muslim women to illustrate their experience and give tips to shed light on the varying obstacles that may occur and how to overcome them. For the new mothers, or even for women who are curious and have never given birth yet, journalist Cherry Healy delves into the breastfeeding vs bottle debate and unpacks the questions we all have.

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Allah swt has placed food and water for the child in the body of the mother and has created an amazing system of feeding the newborn child in a manner which is perfect and most beneficial. It is narrated from Jafar Al-Sadiq:. As we are on the subject of directly feeding the newborn child from the mother, it is necessary to mention and highlight the importance of halal income, the paying of Zakat, the use of pure and halal food by the mother and its effect on the child.

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PIP: Islamic law requires mothers to breast feed their children for 2 years. If the father dies or does not live at home, the heir must support the mother thereby allowing her to breast feed her infants. A wet nurse can feed a child only if the mother's milk is not available.

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Breastfeeding is important to me for several reasons. One reason is my religion. As I read more about Islam and breastfeeding, I came across some controversial issues and realized that many cultural practices get mixed and confused with religious practices. As with any religion, some Muslims will adhere strictly to the religious teachings as defined by the Quran and Sunnah [sayings, practices and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad].

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Many people wondered if she got surgery, but she shut those comments down by telling her followers and fans that one reason she lost the weight was because of breastfeeding and pumping breast milk —good for her for breastfeeding her baby and encouraging breastfeeding! There are many incidents that have gone viral on social media where women were shamed for breastfeeding in public. But many celebrities have also been encouraging breastfeeding and have been vocal about it, like Alyssa Milano.

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In order to highlight the above, as well as some recommended methods of breastfeeding and their consequences, three examples of the lives of our scholars have been mentioned below:. Why is he so low that he speaks badly of you and is even happy with your execution? When he came into this world, his mother became sick and could not produce breast milk.

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Correspondence Address : Dr. Non-maternal nursing is a valuable option for healthy infant nutrition. It is currently practiced as direct wet nursing and feeding of expressed milk from a wet nurse, and the applicability of both varies across cultures.

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These statements support the notion that other than the birth mother, any lactating woman can be the milk-mother of a child and give that child the same birthrights as her own. It is agreed upon by Islamic scholars that in order for her to accomplish this she must feed an infant three to five satisfying feeds. Having a milk-mother means the child will be a child to her husband, a sibling to her children, and a relative to all extended family members. It is biologically possible for a woman to lactate or relactate, regardless of her childbearing status.

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Jump to navigation. The carrying of the child to his weaning is a period of thirty months. At length, when he reach the age of full strength and attains forty years, he says, 'O my Lord!

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A Muslim man has recently come under fire from several quarters in Kerala for preventing his wife from breastfeeding their new born child. Aboobacker Siddique claimed that feeding the child before the completion of five prayers that a Muslim says every day was un-Islamic. The family lives in Omassery, Kozhikode district. When the doctors at the EMS Cooperative Hospital at Mukkam, where his year-old wife Hafsath delivered the male child on Wednesday, tried to compel him, Siddique said that he was ready to take the blame of his child's death.


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