Chuck norris gettin his ass kicked

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See also best jokes rated by other visitors or new jokes. Joke Getting your ass kicked by Chuck Norris? The only good news is you know when you will die.

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If you Google search "Chuck Norris getting his ass kicked" you will generate zero results. It just doesn't happen. Funny : Not Funny :.

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Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch. HE decides what time it is Chuck Norris has two speeds. Walk, and Kill Chuck Norris originally appeared in the "Street Fighter II" video game, but was removed by Beta Testers because every button caused him to do a roundhouse kick.

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If you have any doubt about that, just look at Walker, Texas Ranger. Inafter two decades as an action film icon, Norris conquered television with a hit series that would go on to score high ratings for eight years. And he did it all on the north side of age

Create an account on Neowin to contribute and support the site. If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris, you may be only seconds away from death.

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Please refresh the page and retry. The actor Burt Ward was rumoured to have once wet himself because Lee wanted to beat him for real while shooting a crossover episode of Batman. And there are legendary stories of legitimate fights on the sets of martial classics such as Enter the Dragon. Lee wins the first round, but Booth takes out Lee to win the second.

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In order to answer this question accurately, just as with any question, we will first have to frame the issue accurately:. We could say that GSP would prevail After all, even GSP could- in theory- be knocked out by a heavy handbag strike to the jawline, one time in every ten-thousand.

Chuck Norris has vulnerabilities too. Chuck Norris once saved the world from a zombie apocalypse. When the zombies came to eat his brains, they starved to death. Chuck Norris didn't actually shave his beard.


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