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Does it hurt? Can you orgasm from it? Is everyone having anal regularly now?

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Jessica, 29, has been dealing with painful sex for over a decade. In her late teens, a nasty case of pelvic inflammatory disease completely changed her sex life, turning a formerly pleasurable experience into one of excruciating pain. Even after her PID had been treated, the pain persisted.

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One of the most popular sex positions has long been a taboo topic. We tapped an expert to get the bottom of anal sex so you can too! There's nothing like having a Sex and the City -esque chat with your friends to make you feel ahead or behind the sexual curve, particularly when that curve is the butt.

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Rumours about anal sex fly around like wildfire from the moment you come to learn what sex is. I remember a school friend telling me to never, ever, under any circumstances, have anal sex because my vagina and butt could become one giant hole. Others expect anal play will result in a mass poo explosion, which forever ruins their delicate b-hole in the process, but all these ridiculous rumours are anything but true.

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A true butt bounty. Given how much we write about the topic here at VICE, you'd think the basics of anal sex were well understood both in and out of the office. But the reality is there are still a ton of misconceptions and myths about the, uh, ins and outs of butt stuff.

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In case you missed the backdoor memo, anal sex is all the rage these days for heterosexuals. Everyone is having so much anal sex now that apparently people are even experiencing anal FOMO, terrified that everyone is having anal sex without them. She screams, cries, and he pulls out citing that it was an accident.

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Female condoms were the first product developed to offer women more control over HIV prevention methods. Latex male condoms have been associated with usage problems including, breakage, slippage, latex allergies and lack of control by receptive partners. Although female condoms are essentially not designed for the purpose, some gay men have used them and it seems they do provide an effective barrier during anal sex.

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These common misconceptions prove how little people actually know about the concept of anal sex. The anus has a muscle called the sphincter, and while this muscle is able to stretch and expand, it must be relaxed to do so. In order to have anal sex that is pleasurable rather than painful, it is essential to be relaxed.

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I'm a year-old male student and I'm gay. I came out fairly recently and I'm feeling optimistic about my love life. I've received a decent amount of sexual interest from other gay men and would like to have a relationship.

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The unknown is scary—and generally accompanied by a whole lot of urban legends. But the unknown is also exciting and often well worth the adventure. Here, we dispel six myths about anal sex so you can get on discovering the uncharted territory of your peach pit. Pleasure during anal sex is about way more than the prostate, says Dweck.


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