Cost fo bottom painting boat

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Call SBS today! Scott's Boat Service. Over the past 18 years we've bottom painted power boats, sail boats, boats on trailers and brand new boats at your local boat dealer.

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As a boat owner, getting dragged to the depths of the ocean by a giant sea monster is probably not high on your list of concerns. But make no mistake, there are some very foul creatures lurking beneath the waves. What you will see—and want to prevent—is the ugly, dirty, slimy mess they make on the bottom of your hull that decreases your speed and increases your fuel bill because your engine has to work harder.

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Each has benefits and drawbacks. In-the-water storage gives you the easiest and quickest access to your boat and on the surface appears the cheapest— or is it? The only way to prevent this is with the use of bottom paint.

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More than two decades ago, the U. Last year, Washington became the first state to ban copper paint on environmental grounds. Now the California legislature is taking up similar restrictions.

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Because boats are designed to be used on the water and are therefore exposed to the harshest of elementsthere is a lot more to boat painting than your typical paint job. The life takes time and money. Bottom painting, also known as antifouling painting, is as protective as it is decorative.

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I started painting boat bottoms with antifouling paint in The high wear areas are those places of the boat bottom that are exposed to the most sunlight and are consequently scrubbed more by a diver hired to clean boat bottoms. Due to the amount of scrubbing required, the diver can go through the paint if 1 There are not enough coats, 2 the paint is not a hard oil base paint, and 3 The toxicity or quality is not up to retarding marine growth.

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Rather than paying an hourly labor rate plus the cost of materials, our years of experience and highly efficient Team allows us to provide you with a fixed price for this service. Please call us, or complete the Service Inquiry form and we will provide you with a high quality paint job at a highly competitive price, so you can put your boat looking good in the best boatlift there is. Depending on the condition of the bottom vessel, other work may be needed which is not covered in the above bottom painting package. For example, priming prior to bottom painting may be necessary.

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If it's in the order of 28 to 30ft long, then yes, that is reasonable. Are you looking for a barrier paint, or barrier with anti fouling? Makes a big difference.

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