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Lawyers and activists claim that large numbers of children, some as young as nine, have been illegally imprisoned during protests which followed the second anniversary of the uprising. Some of those arrested have been subject to torture including beatings, electrocution and being forced to strip naked before being drenched in cold water, according to a report in the Independent newspaper. Some of the children were forced to drink a foul "soup" consisting of salt dissolved in water, said Mahmoud Bilal, a lawyer who works on cases involving detained minors.

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PARIS AP — Migrants trying to reach Europe face routine rape and sexual torture throughout their journey and especially in Libya, with men facing abuse nearly as routinely as women, according to a study based on dozens of interviews with aid workers and migrants. With European Union funding, the Libyan coast guard retrieves migrants from the Mediterranean Sea and returns them to detention centers nominally run by the Libyan government, where migrants say the abuse resumes. Smugglers torture migrants and film it to extract ransom payments from their families, and to thin the number of people in their unofficial prisons, according to the study.

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My profile Contribute Logout. One of the victims being whipped by a man in uniform. These images, which have circulated on social networks, are terrifying.

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The Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms ECRFan independent human rights group, has identified 30 people who died from torture while being held in police stations and other Interior Ministry detention sites between August and December Inthe ECRF reported that its lawyers received torture complaints, and that another 14 people had died from torture in custody. This report, based on interviews with 19 former detainees and the family of a 20 th detainee who were tortured between andshows how police and officers of the National Security Agency regularly use torture during their investigations to force perceived dissidents to confess or divulge information, or to punish them.

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CAIRO, Egypt — Egyptian authorities have opened an investigation into a video clip uncovered by an anti-torture activist that allegedly shows a police officer slapping a woman and forcing her to strip, a security official said Saturday. Egypt, where human rights groups say police abuse is pervasive, has seen a series of investigations of police prompted by cell-phone videos showing torture and abuse of suspects. The circumstances of the latest clip are unknown.

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The mass sexual assault of women in public has been documented in Egypt since In these assaults, assailants would encircle a woman while outer rings of men deter rescuers. The attackers regularly pretended to be there to help the women, adding to the confusion.

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Three brazen attacks across the country included a drive-by shooting near the Suez Canal that killed six soldiers, a car bomb that killed three police officers and wounded dozens near the Red Sea resorts area, and the first rocket-propelled grenade launched in the struggle, exploding near an elite enclave of the capital and damaging a satellite transmitter. The attacks came a day after security forces killed 53 protesters, many shot in the head and chest, in the worst outbreak of street mayhem in Cairo since mid-August. CAIRO — The thudding discharge of tear-gas cannons and the crackle of gunfire echoed through the streets of Cairo on Sunday as renewed clashes broke out between anti-coup protesters and Egyptian security forces on a national holiday fraught with historical symbolism.

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These are external links and will open in a new window. A leading rights group says the Egyptian army arrested, tortured and forced women to take "virginity tests" during protests earlier this month. It says at least 18 female protesters were arrested after army officers cleared Tahrir Square on 9 March.

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Our ally Egypt is a favorite destination of such flights. In one video, a woman is forced to strip and is abused by a police officer and in another Egyptian mini-bus driver, Emad el-Kabir, 21,l is shown screaming on the floor as officers sodomize him with a wooden pole. These videos remove the abstract quality of the debate over U.

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Torture is when somebody in an official capacity inflicts severe mental or physical pain or suffering on somebody else for a specific purpose. Sometimes authorities torture a person to extract a confession for a crime, or to get information from them. Sometimes torture is simply used as a punishment that spreads fear in society. Torture methods vary.


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